Domestic Helpers

The widespread use of domestic helpers or amahs in Hong Kong has improved the lifestyle of many Hong Kong families. Chinese amahs were once a common sight in Hong Kong and most wealthy families employed at least a cook and often housemaids and drivers. However, in recent years domestic helpers from the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, India and Sri Lanka have taken their place, and today many expatriate families now follow this tradition of employing an amah.

A foreign domestic helper should only perform domestic duties for the employer’s residence specified in the contract. The employer should not require or allow the helper to carry out any work for any other person, otherwise, the helper and/or any aider and abettor will be liable to criminal prosecution. For more details you can refer to the links below. The minimum wage for a domestic helper, as set down by the Government, is currently HK$3,920.00 per month.


Labour Department

Tel: +852 2717 1771 (24-hour telephone enquiry)

Immigration Department

Tel: +852 2824 6111


The idea of having a full time domestic helper or amah living in your home can take a little time to get used to, but the convenience it can afford you often outweighs the temporary inconvenience of having a stranger living in your home. When moving to a new country you are without your usual support systems of family and friends, and a domestic helper goes a long way towards replacing these systems.

Finding a good helper can take a little time. Some people use an agency, and some prefer to go by “word of mouth”. Asking around, or watching the advertisements placed by employers or by the helpers themselves, on supermarket notice boards or in the lobbies of some buildings is one way to find a helper.

We suggest that you interview a number of prospective helpers and this will give you an idea of what to expect. We would always suggest that you contact the helper’s last employer to get a genuine referral. Everyone has different needs and you really need to trust your own intuition. If you have children then naturally introducing the prospective helper to the children and watching the interaction will help. No helper can be perfect immediately and the amount of time you spend training your helper will be reflected in her work.

Once you have found a helper, you and the helper are required to complete contracts and Immigration forms. Most helpers are very conversant with the regulations and naturally if you use an employment agency all these matters will be looked after by the agency. Agency fees are usually equivalent to approximately one month’s salary.

Domestic Helper Agencies

ACJ Recruitment
Address: Suite D 8/f Golden Sun Centre, 59- 67 Bonham Strand, Sheung Wan
Tel: +(852) 2377 2890
Josie James Personnel
Address: Room 103, 1/F Lap Fai Bldg, 6-8 Pottinger Street, Central
Tel: +(852) 2377 2568, 2377 1598, 2377 2992
Address: Unit 2036,2/F United Centre, 95 Queensway, Admiralty
Tel: +(852) 2869 9330
Asia Expat
My Helper
Address: 23/F, Thyrse House, 16 Pottinger Street, Central, Hong Kong
Tel: +(852) 2797 0188 / 9242 2174