Membership clubs are a large part of Hong Kong’s recreation and social scene, dating back to the colonial era. There are sports clubs, traditional clubs, dining clubs, nightlife clubs and small local groups. Many boast lavish pools, gyms, dining rooms and other facilities, along with competitive sports teams. Waiting lists to gain membership can be long—and prices can be high. One-time membership fees can run into the millions of Hong Kong dollars, not including large monthly or annual dues.

Like private international schools, many clubs have a debenture system as well as a secondary market that trades memberships at steep prices. Some memberships are gained exclusively through invitation or passed down within companies or families. Others are open to anyone who will pay. Membership size can range from the hundreds to the thousands, depending on the size and facilities of the clubhouse.


Clubs Include:


Hong Kong Club

Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club

Aberdeen Marina Club

Aberdeen Boat Club (ABC)

The American Club

Hong Kong Cricket Club

Hong Kong Jockey Club

Hong Kong Football Club

Hong Kong Golf Club

Foreign Correspondents Club

Clearwater Bay Golf & Country Club

Kowloon Cricket Club

Ladies Recreation Club (LRC)

Hebe Haven Yacht Club

Institute of Human Performance