Career Support and Coaching

Often only one of a couple arrives in Hong Kong with an employment contract.  It falls on the other party to try and build a fulfilling life and routine in a new environment, both professionally and socially.  We will work with you through a personally designed programme to clarify your aspirations, review your skills, reframe your personal brand and therefore best position yourself for employment in Hong Kong.  Areas covered include defining your preferred options, social media, networking, redrafting your curriculum vitae, preparing for interviews and navigating the recruitment process.  Some insight to the cultural nuances of this fast paced city will help you feel At Home in the office.  The programme is designed for quick results and is structured specifically to your needs.

Should you decide that a full-time job is not your goal, we can coach you through identifying what it is that you want to do and achieve.  We will support you to find outlets, interest groups and communities of like-minded people and assist you to integrate into your new circles.

When the time comes to move on, once again we can assist you and members of your family to prepare yourself practically and emotionally for the next phase of your career or life choice, whether in Hong Kong or not.