About Us

At Home believes in serving the client’s interests to the very best of our ability. We are an independent agency, all of our staff are licensed and each of us has been practicing the trade for more years than we care to remember. We will spare no efforts to find our clients the right property even if we have to access it through another agent who has a sole agency on it. Our client’s smile of satisfaction is our reward.

All Estate Agents in Hong Kong have to be licensed in order to practice estate agency work. The Government has laid down strict guidelines for the licensing and practice of the trade, and all estate agents must adhere to the Code of Ethics published by the Estate Agents Authority.

In Hong Kong almost all properties are multi-listed, and even though we are a boutique agency, we have the same access to properties that the larger agencies have. In fact, since we do not have any sole agencies, we view all properties equally and have no special interests in any particular property. We have also established an excellent relationship with both individual owners and large developers.

Through legislation which came into force in 1999, the Hong Kong Government has provided regulation through the Estate Agents Authority to govern estate agency work. If a client has viewed a particular property with an estate agent, he is obliged to deal with the same agent should he decide to pursue the property, and is required to sign an Estate Agency Agreement in the assigned Form 6 (the “Pink Form”) with the agent for every property viewed with the particular agent.

Besides housing which is our forte, we also offer the following services:

Total Relocations

Depending on the needs of the individual client, we would offer assistance with schools, shopping and furniture, advice about domestic helpers, assistance with car purchase and driving licenses besides orientation and housing services.



Orientation services can be provided on a per day basis. This would include an overview of the different housing areas, some sample viewing (as per the budget) in different locations, review of shopping, sporting and club facilities, information and assistance with schooling.


Pre-view Trips

We offer an overview of Hong Kong, what it has to offer the incoming employee and particularly address the needs and interests of the employee.  Pre-view trips are charged on a per day basis, but if the employee houses with us at a later date, we would rebate the cost of the pre-view trip against our charges for housing.


Short-term accommodation

We offer assistance with short-term accommodation.  In the event that the employee obtains permanent accommodation through us, we would again rebate the cost of the short-term accommodation against our charges for housing.


Renegotiation of existing leases

Should the prevailing market conditions change, we would offer advice on price movements and/or renegotiate leases with the Landlord.


Exit Services

At the end of a lease, we would supervise the departure of the tenant and the handing back the premises to the Landlord.  We would also take care of the paperwork i.e. return of the security deposit and dis-connection of all utilities.


Tenancy Management Services

For our corporate clients as well as individual owners who live overseas or may be too busy to look after their properties, we would take care of the properties on their behalf.  The scope of the service would include regular maintenance and repair, monitoring of monthly rental payments, fees and utilities and assistance with property viewing and leasing with all the associated paperwork.

Establishing Yourself Professionally

Once the practical details that go into setting up a home in Hong Kong have been taken care of, the challenge of finding your niche either in a new job or a new social environment takes priority.  We work with you in a programme designed for you and your aspirations to identify and find that niche.  A coaching approach, with advice where requested, will introduce you to the myriad options available here in Hong Kong.  We will guide you through how to position and market yourself in this environment.

At Home Team